Celebrating 30 Years ARM SIF Solutions Group


Specialised Reports for Property Assets

‘Solutions in Engineering’ offers specialised compliance reports to Residential, Commercial and Government properties throughout Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Established in 1984 Solutions in Engineering and Solutions in Fire have supplied over 120,000 compliance reports and fire evacuation training to a variety of building assets.


With a large team of professional inspectors and a great support team in the office, Solutions in Engineering offers a superior service so you can expect quality reports on time, every time.


Our services include: 

          Asbestos Surveys, Management Plans and Onsite Registers;

          Safety Reports;

          Fire Safety Reports and Services;

          Insurance Valuations;

          Maintenance Reports;

          Part 5 Maintenance Reports (for QLD);

          Pool Safety Inspections;

          Sinking Fund Forecasts, Plans and 10 Year Maintenance Plans;

          Structural engineering reports and specifications;

          Window Restriction Compliance.


‘Solutions in Engineering works with you to take the compliance monkey off your back!’

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Our Unique Approach

We communicate.

You want to be kept informed of important issues and at the same time do not have the time or the desire to get a whole bunch of calls. Our approach to communication is, you get called only when necessary and useful.

We get all the information up front.

Our order forms are designed to get all the information that we need to get the job done from go to whoa. So unless something unexpected comes up, you won’t get calls that remind you of the Spanish Inquisition.

We provide value for money.

We are here to serve you for the long term believing that if we maintain reasonable fees along with reliable responsive service, you will keep using us.

We give you clear advice.

We understand that a report needs to be conclusive and furthermore that you need to be able to find that conclusion easily. Our reports are designed so that you can find the conclusion or recommendation quickly and easily.

We hold full insurance.

We have full Professional Indemnity & Public Liability Insurances that covers our full services range giving peace of mind to you, our customer.

We stand behind our work.

We offer an ironclad guarantee to the professional manager and all of our clients that manage property asset…


“ I have found Solutions in Engineering the most professional, reliable and accurate service provider. They do not 'cut-corners' or provide work that is not completely relevant to the building and I know I can rely on the result"

- Lisa Miller
Strata Title Management

“Solutions IE help us to deliver a great service to our clients by producing accurate, timely, high quality and cost effective reports. The team at Solutions IE are a highly dedicated team of professionals who deliver both convenience and peace of mind– not only for us, but for our clients too. They always attend to our needs in a prompt, efficient and highly professional manner”

- Marc Steen
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