Celebrating 30 Years ARM SIF Solutions Group


As more and more legislation is introduced, the compliance regime for Strata continues to increase. Solutions in Engineering offer you a complete service to ensure that you comply with all relevant legislation.

The table below lists the legislative requirements for compliance and our associated product, to find out more about each service, simply click the title.

Australian Capital Territory
Legislative Requirement
Compliance ReportSection 19, Work Health and Safety Act 2011
Maintenance ReportSection 24, Unit Titles (Management) Act 2011
Sinking Fund ForecastSection 82, Unit Titles (Management) Act 2011
Insurance ValuationUnit Titles (Managment) ACT 2011 Section100
Balustrade TestingD2.16, Building Code of Australia
Emergency Management PlanSection 21, Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008.
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