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Baby fall a timely reminder about window safety!

Paramedics rushed to a Seaforth dwelling where a 16 month old girl had pushed against a fly screen and plunged several metres to the ground. She was transported by CareFlight helicopter to Westmead Children’s hospital. The helicopter used Balgowlah Golf Club to do the pick-up. Thankfully the child is stable.
Paramedic Peter Rowe said: “When the ambulance ¬¨arrived we found her to be awake and crying, which is a very good thing. It is obviously very traumatic for everyone else involved but to be awake and crying is very good for a young child to have fallen that distance (and to be responsive).

Her condition… is stable but very serious given the nature of her fall.”
Had the window complied with the new requirements for fitting Child Safety Devices the near tragedy would not have happened. All rooms that have a sill height of 2 metres above the outside ground level and up to 1.7m above the internal floor level must have a child safety device fitted restricting the opening of the window to 12.5 cm or less.

The device and window must also withstand a force of 250 newtons. (If you need a FREE information pack with all the important information and diagrams just hit reply and ask for one.)
In a recent press release Strata Community Australia (NSW) President, Greg Haywood said apartment owners especially needed to take notice and ensure that they are acting to install approved child safety devices now.
“While the NSW legislation gives owners until 2018 to have the locks installed an accident can happen anytime as demonstrated yesterday,” Mr Haywood said.

“Don’t wait for another baby or child to be injured. Make sure your owners corporation is acting on this today. It can be a costly exercise for owners corporations to undertake the retrofitting of locks but this is not an excuse to put it off for another four years.”
SCA (NSW) is particularly concerned that owners corporations are putting off installing locks believing they can do it in one project just before the 2018 deadline.”

With 650,000 units in NSW with an average of 5 windows each there could be up to 3.25 million devices needing installation. Don’t delay. We have FREE information packs and a full installation service with excellent logistical systems to enable your whole portfolio to comply.

Click here to read the SCA news release

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