What Buildings Need to Register?

Buildings affected by this assessment process include;

Timeline for Cladding Compliance Requirements
Stage 1 29 March 2019

If your building is one of those in the compliance zone you need to register and complete an online checklist via the QBCC that will run you through whether the building is likely to be one of those with non-conforming cladding. Every building will have until 29 March 2019 to complete this.

If you don’t complete it, there is a maximum fine of 20 penalty units ($2,611).

If ACP is not present, this needs to be registered with the QBCC website and the process ends. A record of action needs to be stored on the Body Corporate records.

For buildings where ACP is detected, Stage 2 of the process will need to be actioned.

Stage 2 29 May 2019

If your building has cladding identified in Stage 1 you must have a building industry professional advise the level of risk that is presented by the cladding.

The details of what defines a building industry professional are still to be finalised. What is clear is that licensed Building Certifiers and Accredited Fire Engineers will qualify as building industry professionals.

Stage 3 3 May 2021

Will apply to buildings deemed to be potentially affected by combustible cladding through the Stages 1 & 2. A building fire safety risk assessment by a fire engineer will be required.

SIE Process
  1. Attend Site
  2. Complete Data Collection during Inspection
  3. Complete Cladding Checklist
  4. Complete Statutory Declaration
  5. Register Building with the Queensland Building Construction Commission
  6. Provide you with a copy of material submitted.