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Person Conducting a Business of Undertaking

Replacing the old term for ’employer’, its takes a broader meaning and includes any person who is responsible for the welfare of another in a professional environment, such as partners, self employed people, and committee members in unincorporated associaitions, as well as traditional employers.

Residential Exemption

The residential exemption is a narrow exemption for purely residential strata communities to aviod obligations under the WHS Acts. This exemption is very narrow and most strata communities do become PCBU’s at various stages.

Duty of Care

At its broadest, ‘Duty of Care’ is the statutory and common law duty that any person who has a responsibilitity over another must fulfill.

Prescribed Building (VIC)

Term used for Victorian Owners Corporations. A prescribed building is a building that has more than 99 lots (including accessory lots, such as car parks and storage) or a total annual fee exceeding $200,000.

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