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Legislation Update: NEW Fire Regulations

Recently, the Queensland Government updated the Building Fire Safety Regulations 2011 (Qld). Here’s all you need to know.
What’s changed:-


  1. Evacuation Signs – now all evacuation signs and diagrams must be orientated to the direction the sign reader is standing. Basically North must be North. (Section 30 referring to AS 1851-2012 Emergency Planning in Facilities clause 3.5.4.
  2. Evacuation Coordinator now the Responsible Person – Removal of a nominated ‘Evacuation Coordinator’ in your Emergency Management Plan but all responsibilities remain and are now with the ‘responsible persons’
  3. No Evacuation Signage for buildings under 300 m2 – Removal of special requirements for low occupancy buildings replaced with removing need for evacuation signage in buildings with a total floor area less than 300 m2.
  4. Onsite Document Storage no longer fire resistant – This legislates the QFES stance that onsite documentation no longer needs to be kept in a fire resistant safe or the like. Fire document boxes suffice.

What do you need to do to comply?


  1. Check and update all your Evacuation Signs to ensure they meet the new requirements. Except on buildings under 300m2.
  2. Update your evacuation plan – so that all references to Evacuation Coordinator are removed as the nominated person’s name
  3. Put copy of your new Evacuation Plan onsite – on a notice board, in a document box or the like.


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