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NEW FIRE STANDARD: AS1851-2005 replaced

NEW FIRE STANDARD: AS1851-2005 replaced by AS1851-2012

AS1851 is the standard used to set maintenance standards and frequency for all your fire safety installations. It covers requirements for everything from extinguishers to sprinklers. Below is a quick summary of some of the changes that will affect buildings with sprinklers and pump-sets. The changes are a reminder that the standards are constantly changing and need to be constantly monitored and followed. As such, we have included an updated checklist of annual fire compliance for your convenience. In Queensland the Standard is called into law by the Queensland Development Code (QDC) Mandatory Part (MP) 6.1 and is therefore compulsory for all except classes 1a and 10 in Queensland.

Sprinklers and pump sets
One of the changes to the standard is a reduced frequency for testing of sprinklers and pump-sets from weekly to monthly. The Fire Protection Association of Australia has identified that changes to testing frequencies may have the following benefits:
1. reducing the potential for overwork of systems or equipment and therefore lowering costs associated with replacing worn out parts; and
2. reducing water use; and
3. reducing testing costs for end users without reducing safety.

There are lots of positives here for Bodies Corporate.

The current Form 70 – ‘Fire hydrant and sprinkler system commissioning and periodic testing’ has been replaced with two new forms:
• Form 71 – fire hydrant and sprinkler system commissioning
This form is to be used for the purpose of commissioning, inspection and testing of newly installed water-based fire safety installations. (As per QDC MP 6.1)
• Form 72- fire hydrant and sprinkler system periodic testing and maintenance
This form is to be used for the purpose of ongoing testing and maintenance of water based fire safety installations. (As per QDC MP 6.1)

Updated annual fire compliance checklist
For all strata buildings (except class 2 residential townhouses) to meet their fire compliance requirements, please see the list below:-

Annual requirements include:-
• Have in place and annually review your Fire and Evacuation Plan;
• Have in installed and annually review your fire evacuation diagrams;
• Have appointed and re-train your Evacuation Coordinator annually;
• Have an evacuation practice at least annually;
• Complete an occupier’s statement and submit to Fire Brigade annually;
• Check defined evacuation route/s meet legislative requirements;
• Maintain all firefighting equipment as per AS 1851-2012.

Four compelling reasons to meet your annual fire compliance requirements
1. Legislation and Standards – make sure you are up to date
2. Non -compliance = not insured – A non compliant building in the event of a fire may not be insured.
3. Non- compliance = Massive Penalties
4. Non-compliance = Risking lives

In summary, there is a new industry Standard in place. Make sure all your fire compliance is up to date.

If you need a FREE information pack about building compliance just hit reply and request it or call 1300 136 036 and ask to speak with the Marketing Department.

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