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Safety Reports

Safety is more than WHS, It’s about managing your risk

Under common law, a strata scheme has a duty of care and must take reasonable care to ensure that anyone, including owners, tenants, visitors and even trespassers, who come onto the premises, is not injured.

Some of the most common duty of care risks can include:

  • Cracked, broken or unrepaired surfaces;
  • Leaky roofs causing water pooling & potential slipping hazards;
  • Uneven surfaces;
  • Unexpected elevation changes;
  • Slippery surfaces, (e.g. wet or tiled floors);
  • Missing or loose handrails on stairs;
  • Steps, staircases, handrails that do not comply with relevant building codes
  • Debris or obstruction on walking paths

The cost of litigation arising from someone injuring themselves on your property is costly. An example of this is the Cameron Toomey case in Queensland. The body corporate manager and builder were among the 6 defendants and the result was a $3.211 million ruling against them. The case took 5 years and at the conclusion blame was not apportioned so the defendants then started another court case to sort who pays what percentage.

Meeting your safety obligations can be made easier with good quality, professional help. Solutions in Engineering are backed by over 30 years’ experience and the backbone of the engineering discipline.

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