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Utility Cost Management

With the introduction of the Carbon Tax in 2011 no doubt you will or already have experienced a rise in your electricity and gas bills. It makes sense to find out how you can save money by reducing your consumption.

How our analysis report works:

  1. Utility bills are entered into our custom software
  2. Cost per hour/usage unit is calculated
  3. Carbon footprint calculating Green House Gas emissions
  4. Building assets list from inspection relevant to the report
  5. Calculate the utility usage of each asset
  6. Action list to reduce costs and Greeg House Gas emissions including:
    1. Costs to implement
    2. Savings on utilities usage and Green house gas emissions
    3. Payback period

Recent reports have shown how to save between 20% – 50% on many items and most have payback periods within a few years.

Start saving today!

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